Fax Suffolk Officials: Call for an Investigation Into Alleged Censorship of Hate Crime Report


A high-ranking official from Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy’s administration inappropriately obtained and edited a report on county hate crime, according to a complaint submitted to the Suffolk County Ethics Commission by Legis. DuWayne Gregory last week.

While Levy denies any wrongdoing, the seriousness of these claims merits an investigation.

You can make that happen.

In partnership with the national advocacy group America’s Voice, Long Island Wins is organizing an electronic fax campaign to the respective heads of the Suffolk Legislature and the Ethics Commission.

Send a web-based fax now to Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer Bill Lindsay and the chairman of the Suffolk County Ethics Commission.

The public deserves to know the truth about hate crimes in Suffolk County, and what we can do to prevent them.

The Long Island Immigrant Alliance is also circulating an online petition asking members of the Hate Crimes Task Force to adopt the group’s recommendations for addressing hate crime in Suffolk County.

See the widget below for more info on the Immigrant Alliance petition:

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