Community Groups Rally in Elmont to Protect Voter Rights


Community leaders in Elmont will gather today to protest New York State Legislature district lines that they consider unfairly tilted toward Republican interests.

Here’s more info from the office of Nassau County Legis. Carrié Solages (D-Elmont):


Community Groups & Civic Leaders Rally to Protect New Yorker’s Voting Rights

Urge Governor to Keep Promise to Veto Unfair District Lines

Civic leaders fight for fair redistricting, stop disenfranchising minority communities & return elections to the hands of New Yorkers

(Elmont, NY) In response to the egregious redistricting plan proposed last week by Republicans in the State Senate, several community organizations will rally tomorrow in an effort to energize New Yorkers to demand elections be returned to their rightful owners – the voters.

All too often politicians choose their voters instead of voters choosing their representative. This year is no different as the Senate GOP has proposed what good government groups are calling “clearly the most gerrymandered lines in recent New York history.” These maps break the law, protect politicians and their political interests, as well as disenfranchise and weaken the voice of minority voters in Nassau County and throughout the state.

The proposed maps will be debated in public hearings across the state over the next several weeks, but unfortunately no hearing is scheduled for Nassau County. Politicians controlling the process are attempting to suppress the voices of citizens in Nassau County – where minority groups were split to benefit GOP Party interests.

The Republican maps prove unequivocally that a broken process can – and will – only produce a broken product.

H. Scotty Coads, Civic Engagement Chair, NYS NAACP
Leroy Gadsen, President, Jamaican NAACP
Carrie A. Solage, Nassau County Legislator
Aubrey Phillips, Elmont Civic Leader
Fred Brewington, Attorney in Nassau County Redistricting Suit
More civic leaders and organizations
Everyday New Yorkers

WHERE: 1630 Dutch Broadway, Elmont

WHEN: Tuesday, January 31, @ 11am


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