After De Facto Deportation to Guatemala, Emily Samantha Ruiz Prepares To Come Home [VIDEO / PHOTOS]


On March 28, I flew to Guatemala City to meet with Emily Samantha Ruiz as she prepared to return home.

Despite being a US citizen, Emily was subjected to de facto deportation on March 11, and her parents—who are undocumented immigrants—have since been working toward her return.

I traveled to Guatemala with David Sperling, a Long Island Wins blogger and the lawyer for the Ruiz family, along with two of Sperling’s staff members. In roughly an hour after we touched down in Guatemala City, Sperling held a press conference with over a dozen Spanish-language reporters. I’ll have more on the press conference tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are videos and photos of Emily at her hotel, while her family waited hopefully for her return to the US. In the videos, Emily plays with a fitting new toy—a doll dressed as a flight attendant.

Emily’s flight attendant doll is ready to go home:

And here are photos of Emily in her hotel room with her grandfather and her aunt, Rebeca:

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