Faith Leaders Urge Compassion for Child Refugees on Long Island During National Welcoming Week


A diverse group of faith leaders, including Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, and Unitarian leaders, came together at the Our Lady or the Miraculous Medal church in Wyandanch. Their purpose was to call on their neighbors and colleagues to treat children fleeing Central America and seeking refuge on Long Island with compassion and dignity. The event came during Welcoming America’s National Welcoming Week, a nation-wide event where Welcoming America and its partners host events that bring together immigrants and U.S.-born community members in a spirit of unity through service projects and other events. The faith leaders signed a statement pledging to: 1. Preach about compassionate welcoming 2. Pray for immigrant children and families 3. Create congregations that are more welcoming to immigrants 4. Devote congregational resources to serving the needs of refugee children and their families 5. Denounce future anti-immigrant incidents of hatred 6. Call on federal officials to provide assistance to school districts that are receiving refugee children.

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