Video: Immigrant Families are American Families

“Dream It Now” focuses on those families who have been torn apart because of senseless deportations

A new music video, entitled “Dream It Now,” focuses on those families who have been torn apart because of senseless deportations—ones that are contrary to our patriotic commitment to family values.

The video is a collaboration by The Office of Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim and singer-songwriter Megan Keely for The Dream is Now. “Dream it Now” celebrates undocumented youth and their families, and their pride in the only country they’ve ever called home, the United States of America. “Dream it Now” reveals the heartbreaking disruption of broken immigration policies.

The Dream Is Now is an effort of concerned citizens who believe we need to fix America’s broken immigration system, giving undocumented youth and their families the chance to earn their citizenship. They support commonsense immigration reform that includes the principles of the DREAM Act.

There are millions of undocumented young people in America – many brought here as children and raised as Americans. They’re our friends and neighbors, our classmates and varsity athletes. All they know is America, yet they face deportation to countries they may know nothing about, with languages they may not even speak. By keeping these talented young people from contributing to our economy, our broken immigration laws are failing all of us.

Contact your local congressional representative to urge them to support commonsense immigration reform by calling 1-888-787-9658.

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