Proud Boys March in Patchogue on Saturday Night


The violent group calling itself the Proud Boys marched through Patchogue on Saturday night. A review of video from the march showed nineteen marchers followed by a soundtruck with “Law and Order” displayed in lights on the truck. Many of the group’s leaders are under indictment for their role in the January 6 assault on the capitol as well as for numerous other violent acts throughout the country. This is the first known march by the group on Long Island, although I reported an earlier organizing effort by the group previously.

The marchers included at least one man carrying a flag with the Roman numeral III on it, indicating membership in the far-right armed group called the “Three Percenters.” Another marcher carried a flag with “PB” on it, the flag of the Proud Boys.

The march took place a short distance from the site where Ecuadoran immigrant Marcelo Lucero was murdered in 2008 by a group of young men led by a man tied to white nationalist affiliations. Donald Trump held a rally in the same area in 2016. Violent racists have targeted Patchogue’s immigrant community in the past.

The two gangs also marched through Bay Shore earlier on Saturday. From my review of the videos, they appear to have nineteen marchers at this event as well. Several of the same men appeared at both marches.

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Three Percent flag at Patchogue Proud Boys rally.
Three Percent flag at Bayshore march.
Another scene from the Bayshore Proud Boys march.

Here is a Tweet with a short video of the march:

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  1. I assume the reporter of this article is a Antifa supporter. We do have regulations about becoming a citizen of this country. Why is everyone call racist or whatever name you can think of. Enter this country legally.

    • You either know nothing about the Proud Boys or you are lying on purpose. The groups is a radical organization tied to violence all around the country.

  2. This is a disgrace – where were the police? The police should be behind bars with the fascists – what a disgrace Suffolk County – SC Executive, Police Commissioner and Chiefs everywhere – Disgrace!!!

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