New Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill in Senate, No Chance of Passage

On June 22, several Senate Democrats introduced a new comprehensive immigration reform bill in response to Republican bills in the House that only focus on enforcement. The centerpiece of the House bills is mandating the use of the E-Verify, a federal electronic program meant to verify the work authorization of new hires, but criticized for inaccuracies and encouraging discrimination.

Under current political conditions, neither approach has any chance of passage this year. Federal inaction will likely lead to more mischief by state legislatures following in the path of Alabama, Georgia, and Arizona.

Sponsoring and co-sponsoring the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act are Senators Robert Menéndez ( D-NJ ), Harry Reid ( D-NV ), Patrick Leahy ( D-VT ), Richard Durbin ( D-IL ), Chuck Schumer ( D-NY ), Patty Murray ( D-WA ), John Kerry ( D-MA ), and Kirsten Gillibrand ( D-NY ).

Image courtesy of Anuska Sampedro via Flickr.

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