Documentary Follows Story of Postville Immigration Raid [VIDEO]

I recently posted a video about US-citizen children who are forced to live abroad because of the strictures of our immigration system. Specifically, the segment features interviews with residents of the Guatemalan village of San José Calderas.

The residents whom I interviewed had migrated from Calderas to Postville, Iowa, in the 2000s, but returned to Guatemala after a large-scale immigration raid in 2008. When those immigrants came back to Guatemala, they brought their US-citizen children with them.

Just after posting the video, I realized that there’s actually a filmmaker working on the Calderas-Postville story. Director Luis Argueta is currently in the post-production phase of abUSed-The Postville Raid, a documentary that looks at the impact of the raid on the related communities in the US and Guatemala.

Check out the trailer—Argueta gives more of a complete story of the Postville raids, in a decidedly more filmmakerly manner:

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