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Can the voices of one island inform the policy of another?  We invite the Haitian community on Long Island and at home to participate in a new workshop designed to gather the stories we need to move the needle on creating a movement for environmental equity and justice. While you can argue with a political position or make the case for where resources should
be spent, it is much more difficult to argue with a story.

In this season of sorrow for the people of Haiti and Haitians here on Long Island, can our voices make a difference in shaping solutions in this moment when “no one is an island,” when the actions of each of us have real consequences as to fate of our two islands, and the planet far beyond?

We invite you to participate in a weekly workshop, co-facilitated by Helen Dorado Alessi, whose own islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico have seen their share of environmental disasters, and Hermancina Celisca, who will guide you in combining the Herstory tools with the Haitian storytelling tradition of Krik Krak, to write in the language of your memories and dreams. This is Herstory’s first bilingual workshop ever to take place in Haitian Creole, to add to our workshops in Spanish and Arabic.

We invite participants across the generations, recent immigrants, refugees from the first major earthquake in Haiti, and second generation people coming out of a culture where language and storytelling plays a rich central place.

The world needs your stories in a movement for equity, full asylum for all who have to leave their countries, and environmental responsibility in the interconnected web of it all.

Come once or twice, to tell a particular story that needs to be told; or continue week after week to shape stories for web publication and public events.

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