Long Island Wins Releases Video: “Long Island, A Place We All Call Home”


Long Island Wins, a nonprofit communications organization, is proud to announce the launch of its new public service announcement (PSA) posted at longislandwins.com, aimed at highlighting Long Island immigrants who are our new neighbors.

The PSA represents a cross-section of our new American neighbors and who they are. It is a tool to promote a deeper understanding and mutual respect for our new neighbors and to build bridges between long-time Nassau and Suffolk residents and our new American neighbors.

Some 526,000 immigrants make Long Island their home. One in seven Long Islanders is an immigrant.

“As an immigrant from Turkey, I came​ to​ this country in 1985 because I believed in the American Dream. I came to Long Island in 1996 and ever since then Long Island has been my home. As C​o-C​hair of Long Island Wins, our goal for this PSA is to highlight that one in seven Long Islanders is an immigrant. They are our neighbors, co-workers, friends and classmates and that Long Island is home to all of us. It is this diversity that makes Long Island a prosperous and sustainable community,” said Sadri Altinok, Long Island Wins Co-Chair.​

“We are a nation of immigrants. Immigrants coming to America for a better, safer and more prosperous life is a time-honored tradition. America is and will always be a beacon of hope and opportunity for many around the world who are escaping violent or oppressive regimes, exploitation or extreme poverty,” said Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, Executive Director of Long Island Wins.

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