The Irish Brigade in The Immigrants’ Civil War

Irish brigade

The Union’s Irish Brigade was one of the most famous units of the Civil War. This page indexes all articles on the Irish Brigade in The Immigrants’ Civil War series.

1. The Fighting 69th-Irish New York Declares Warr-The 69th New York was the original regiment in the Irish Brigade.

2. New York’s Irish Rush to Save Washington

3. Immigrant Day Laborers Help Build the First Fort to Protect Washington-The Fighting 69th use their construction skills.

4. Why Did the Irish Fight When They Were So Despised?

5. Immigrant Regiments on Opposite Banks of Bull Run -The Fighting 69th and the Louisiana Tigers

6. Thomas Meager: The Man Who Created the Irish Brigade

7. Thomas Meagher: The Irish Rebel Joins the Union Army

8. Recruiting the Irish Brigade-Creating the Irish American

9.The Irish Brigade Moves Towards Richmond-The Irish brigade in the Peninsula Campaign from March 17 to June 2, 1862.

10. Peninsula Emancipation: Irish Soldiers Take Steps on the Road to Freedom-The Irish Brigade and Irish soldiers from Boston free slaves along the march to Richmond.

11. Forever Free: Emancipation New Year Day 1863

12.Union Defeat and an Irish Medal of Honor at the End of the Seven Days-The story of the Irish Brigade coming to the relief of another Irish unit.

13.The Irish Brigade at Antietam

14. Private Peter Welsh Joins the Irish Brigade

15. Preliminaries to Emancipation: Race, the Irish, and Lincoln

16. The Politics of Emancipation: Lincoln Suffers Defeat

17. Carl Schurz Blames Lincoln for Defeat

18. The Irish Brigade and Virginia’s Civilians Black and White

19. The Irish Brigade and the Firing of General McClellan

20. General Grant Expells the Jews

21. The Irish Brigade Moves Towards Its Destruction At Fredericksburg.

22. Fredericksburg: The Worst Day in the Young Life of Private McCarter of the Irish Brigade

23. Forever Free: Emancipation New Year Day 1863

24.Private William McCarter of the Irish Brigade Hospitalized After Fredericksburg

25. The Immigrant Women That Nursed Private McCarter After Fredericksburg

26. Nursing Nuns of the Civil War

27. A Second Irish Brigade’s Catastrophe at a Forgotten Fight Near Fredericksburg

28. An Irish Man and a French Woman Between Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor

29. Two Irish Brigades Swept Away by a Hurricane from Hell at Cold Harbor

30. Petersburg: The Start of a Ten Month Siege that Devoured Men and Disabled the Irish Brigade


Painting of the Return of the 69th from Bull Run Unearthed


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