The Immigrants’ Civil War: The Ethnic Regiments


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This page indexes articles in The Immigrants’ Civil War by regiment.



23rd Illinois The Irish Brigade of the West
Battle of Lexington Mo.

36th Illinois
German Immigrants Triumphant at Pea Ridge


32nd Indiana
A German Regiment Fights for “Freedom and Justice” at Shiloh

August Willich: German Socialist at Chickamauga


1st Iowa
Wilson’s Creek Drowns Immigrant Dream of Free Missouri


1st Kansas
Wilson’s Creek Drowns Immigrant Dream of Free Missouri


9th Massachusetts

Peninsula Emancipation: Irish Soldiers Take Steps on the Road to Freedom-The Irish Brigade and Irish soldiers from Boston free slaves along the march to Richmond.

The Irish 9th Massachusetts Cut Off During the Seven Days Battles

Union Defeat and an Irish Medal of Honor at the End of the Seven Days

Patrick Guiney: An Irish Colonel on the Edge of the Wilderness

Immigrants March Out of The Wilderness and Into a Wicked Hail of Gunfire

19th Massachusetts
The Know Nothing Colonel and the Irish Soldier

20th Massachusetts

Irish and German Immigrants in the “Harvard Regiment”

28th Massachusetts

Artículo anterior“Vetting” Syrian refugees: the misplaced concern
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