The Immigrants’ Civil War: Index of Indexes


This page links all of the thematic Indexes of The Immigrants’ Civil War series:

Immigrant Groups

The Immigrants’ Civil War: The Germans

The Immigrants’ Civil War: The Jews

The Immigrants’ Civil War: The Irish

The Immigrants’ Civil War: The Scottish

The Immigrants’ Civil War: The Latinos

Immigrant Women in the Civil War

Politics and Society

Lincoln and the Immigrants

Immigrants, Race, and Emancipation

The Know Nothings: America’s First Anti-Immigrant Movement

Anti-Immigrant Bigotry During the Civil War Era

The New York Draft Riots of 1863

The Immigrants’ Civil War in the South

Immigrants and the Election of 1864

Immigrants in the Reconstruction Era

Immigrant Women and the Civil War


The Immigrants Civil War in Missouri

The Immigrants’ Civil War: Gettysburg

The Civil War West of the Alleghenies

Immigrants in the 1862 Maryland Campaign

The Irish Brigade in the Immigrants Civil War

The Pea Ridge Campaign

The Peninsula Campaign

Carl Schurz’s Civil War

Franz Sigel’s Civil War

Pat Cleburne’s Civil War

The Civil War in the Southwest

Immigrant New Orleans During the Civil War

The Immigrants’ Civil War in the Eastern Theater

The Ethnic Regiments

Private William McCarter A Common Soldier of the Irish Brigade

Peter Welsh: Color Bearer of the Irish Brigade

The Chancellorsville Campaign

The Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga

August Willich: A German Radical’s Civil War

The Overland Campaign: The Wilderness to Cold Harbor

Immigrants at the Siege of Petersburg

Immigrants and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Immigrants in the Navy


Remembering the Immigrants’ Civil War

The Immigrants’ Civil War: Book Reviews

The Immigrants’ Civil War Table of Contents

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