Lincoln and the Immigrants

Abraham L.

This page indexes articles on Lincoln and immigrants from The Immigrants’ Civil War:

1. Lincoln, the Know Nothings, and Immigrant America.

2. Immigrant Leader Carl Schurz Tells Lincoln to Stand Firm Against Slavery.

3. Carl Schurz Meets With Lincoln To Arm the Germans

4. St. Louis Germans Revived by Missouri Emancipation Proclamation

5. Lincoln Dashes German Immigrants Hopes for Emancipation

6. Jews Fight the Ban on Rabbis as Chaplains– Lincoln’s role in naming the first Jewish chaplain.

7. Making Immigrant Soldiers into Citizens– Congress and Lincoln changed the immigration laws to meet the needs of a nation at war.

8. Carl Schurz: To Win the Civil War End Slavery

9. Carl Schurz: From Civilian to General in One Day– Lincoln’s political generals.

10. Emancipation 150: “All men are created equal, black and white”– A German immigrant reacts to the Emancipation Proclamation

11. Preliminaries to Emancipation: Race, the Irish, and Lincoln

12. The Politics of Emancipation: Lincoln Suffers Defeat

13. German Leader Franz Sigel’s Victory Earns a Powerful Enemy

14. The Irish Brigade on the Road to Chancellorsville

15. The Irish Regiment that Ended “Pickett’s Charge”: July 3, 1863

16. Forever Free: Emancipation New Year Day 1863

17. 1864 Election: The Immigrant Voter & Abraham Lincoln

18. August Belmont: The German Jewish Immigrant Who Led the Opposition to Lincoln’s 1864 Reelection

19. Lincoln and the Superiority of the “Negro” over the Irish

20. Lincoln’s Germans and the Election of 1864

21. Lincoln’s German Lawyer Comes Out Swinging in the Election of 1864

22.Lincoln’s Murder and the New York Irish American

23. Appomattox: The Capture of a Confederate Army & the Fall from Grace of an Immigrant General

24. Immigrants Hunt Lincoln’s Killers and Help Capture the Confederate President

25. Lincoln’s Murder and the New York Irish American

26. Lincoln’s Funeral in Immigrant New York 

27. Lincoln’s Republican Platform Encouraged Immigration 

29. Great Debates: Abraham Lincoln and the German Journalist

30. When Abraham Lincoln Left Springfield for Washington He Took an Immigrant Journalist With Him

31.  How an Immigrant Journalist Got News of the Disaster at Fredericksburg Past a Military Censor to Lincoln

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