Immigrant Businesses Power Long Island—Hear Their Stories


Take the story of Alfred Peña, a Dominican immigrant who used his home-grown bachata skills to open a dance studio in Westbury. Or Flemming Hansen, the Danish baker who carved out a sweet-laden niche in Northport.

These are just a few of the immigrant businesspeople and professionals who are fueling the Long Island economy through their contributions and ingenuity. In a new collaboration between Long Island Wins and the Long Island Business News, we’ll be telling the stories of newcomers who are opening businesses, bolstering the workforce, and contributing to our tax base. And there are plenty of stories to tell.

Why focus on immigrant businesses? Andrea Jones, the executive editor of the Long Island Business News, and Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, the executive director of Long Island Wins, tell us:

Visit Long Island Wins in the coming weeks for videos, slideshows, and print stories on the immigrants who are helping grow the Long Island economy. In the meantime, here are past stories in our business series:

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Video by Ana Llacer.

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