Women in the Immigrants’ Civil War


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1. Immigrant America on the Eve of the Civil War   – Take a swing around the United States and see where immigrants were coming from and where they were living in 1861.

2. Immigrant Regiments on Opposite Banks of Bull Run -The Fighting 69th and the Louisiana Tigers

3. Private William McCarter of the Irish Brigade Hospitalized After Fredericksburg

4. The Immigrant Women That Nursed Private McCarter After Fredericksburg

5. Nursing Nuns of the Civil War

6.Irish Families Learn of the Slaughter at Fredericksburg

7. The New York Draft Riots Begin

8. Convulsion of Violence: The First Day of the New York Draft Riots

9. The Draft Riots End in a Sea of Blood-July 14-15, 1863.

10. A German Immigrant Woman’s Gettysburg Address

11. Ivan and Nadine Turchin: Russian Revolutionary Aristocrats at Chickamauga

12. An Irish Man and a French Woman Between Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor

13. American Refugee Camp in Civil War Kentucky Destroyed by Union Soldiers

14. Kentucky Civil War Refugee Camp Reborn and Reconstructed After Expulsions

15. Lincoln’s Funeral in Immigrant New York

16. High School Student Proves Professor Wrong When He Denied “No Irish Need Apply” Signs Existed

17. The Fallout from No Irish Need Apply Article Spreads Worldwide

18. No Irish Need Apply Professor Gets into a Fight With Our Blogger Pat Young Over Louisa May Alcott

19. Professor Behind No Irish Need Apply Denial May Have Revealed Motive for Attacking 14 Year Old Historian

20. Kate Cumming Confederate Immigrant Nurse and the Shiloh Disaster

21. Immigrant nurse reports on Civil War hospital organized by Nursing Nuns after Shiloh battle

22. Sarah Emma Edmonds: The Immigrant Woman As “Male Nurse”

23. Immigrant Women Struggled to be Recognized as Nurses After the Civil War

24. The Washington Arsenal Explosion: Irish women and girls killed recklessly

25. Women of Troy (N.Y.): The Teenage Irish Immigrants Who Founded the First Women’s Labor Union in the United States

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