The Immigrants’ Civil War: The Scottish


This page indexes articles in The Immigrants’ Civil War that focus on Scottish immigrants. While most Scottish immigrants served in “non-ethnic” regiments, the 79th New York had a distinctive Highland character.

1. After Bull Run: Mutineers, Scapegoats, and the Dead

2. Immigrant Soldiers Chasing Lee Into Maryland

3. Scottish Highlanders Battle at South Mountain

4. Petersburg: The Start of a Ten Month Siege that Devoured Men and Disabled the Irish Brigade

5. A Scottish Socialist and a German General Work to Help Slaves Become Freedpeople-Robert Dale Owen, Carl Schurz and the founding of the Freedmen’s Bureau.

6. Kate Cumming Confederate Immigrant Nurse and the Shiloh Disaster

7. Immigrant nurse reports on Civil War hospital organized by Nursing Nuns after Shiloh battle

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