The Immigrants’ Civil War: The Jews


This page indexes all articles in The Immigrants’ Civil War series focusing on Jewish immigrants.


1. The Rabbi Who Seceded From the South

2. Jews Fight the Ban on Rabbis as Chaplains

3. General Grant Expells the Jews

4. The Biases Behind Grant’s Order Expelling the Jews

5. The Jewish Community Reacts to Grant’s Expulsion Order

6. Lincoln Overturns Grant’s Order Against the Jews

7. President Grant Atones for His Order Expelling the Jews

8. August Belmont: The German Jewish Immigrant Who Led the Opposition to Lincoln’s 1864 Reelection

9. Lincoln Assassinated: John Wilkes Booth’s Immigrant Conspirators

10. Recovering the memories of Jewish Civil War soldiers

Book Reviews

Jews and the Civil War: A Reader Edited by Jonathan Sarna and Adam Mendelsohn

Civil War Citizens edited by Susannah Ural Bruce