Pat Cleburne from Irish Childhood to Confederate Death


This page indexes all articles in The Immigrants’ Civil War series related to Confederate General Patrick Cleburne.

1. Pat Cleburne: The Irish Confederate and the Know Nothings – Cleburne’s life from his birth in Ireland and his 1849 immigration to the United States, through the rise of the Know Nothings.

2. Killing Pat Cleburne: Know Nothing Violence – From the 1856 Presidential Election through the start of the Civil War.

3. Pat Cleburne: Arresting a General, Becoming a General – Cleburne’s rise to command, 1861 to 1863.

4. PPat Cleburne: The Irish Confederate’s Emancipation Proclamation

5.Pat Cleburne: The South Can’t Use Black Soldiers Without Ending Slavery

6. The Suppression of Pat Cleburne’s Emancipation Proposal