Immigrants In The Overland Campaign

Spotsylvania, the scene of the Irish Brigade's bloody fighting in May of 1864, was a key battlefield in the Overland Campaign.

The Overland Campaign of May and June, 1864 included major battles at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Cold Harbor. This page gives you access to all articles on the Overland Campaign series in The Immigrants’ Civil War:

1.Patrick Guiney: An Irish Colonel on the Edge of the Wilderness

2. Immigrants March Out of The Wilderness and Into a Wicked Hail of Gunfire

3. Peter Welsh in the Irish Brigade’s Purgatory at Spotsylvania

4. Peter Welsh: What Sacrifice Must the Immigrant Make for His Adopted Land? – An immigrant’s death after Spotsylvania

5. A Second Irish Brigade’s Catastrophe at a Forgotten Fight Near Fredericksburg

6. Two Irish Brigades Swept Away by a Hurricane from Hell at Cold Harbor

7. Petersburg: The Start of a Ten Month Siege that Devoured Men and Disabled the Irish Brigade– The Withdrawal from Cold Harbor, the Crossing of the James, and the beginning of the Siege.

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