Franz Sigel’s Civil War


This page is an Index of all articles about German immigrant Franz Sigel (1824-1902) in The Immigrants’ Civil War series.

1. 1848: The Year that Created Immigrant America – Franz Sigel was a leading figure in the Revolutions of 1848.

2. The Germans Save St. Louis for the Union – Sigel was a civic leader in St. Louis and helped organize German resistance to pro-Southern forces in Missouri.

3. The St. Louis Germans Set Out To Free Missouri – Sigel emerged as a military leader in the Union army.

4. Wilson’s Creek Drowns Immigrant Dream of Free Missouri – Sigel played a controversial role in the Union defeat at Wilson’s Creek in 1861.

5. Missouri’s German Unionists: From Defeat to Uncertain Victory – Sigel and Missouri’s Germans at the end of 1861.

6. Missouri Germans Contest Leadership of Unionist Cause – Sigel make a play for command in Missouri.

7. German Leader Franz Sigel’s Victory Earns a Powerful Enemy

8. Immigrant Unionists Marching Towards Pea Ridge – Sigel served as second-in-command of the Union Army of the Southwest.

9. German Immigrants at the Battle of Pea Ridge: Opening Moves – Sigel was nearly trapped in northern Arkansas.

10. Pea Ridge: The German Unionists Outflanked – Sigel on the edge of disaster.

11. German Immigrants at the Battle of Pea Ridge – Sigel’s Greatest Triumph.


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