Carl Schurz’s Civil War

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Carl Schurz was a German revolutionary who found refuge in America. He became an American diplomat, a Union general, a United States Senator, and Secretary of the Interior. Here are our articles on this fascinating man from The Immigrants’ Civil War.

1. 1848: The Year that Created Immigrant America – Revolutions in Germany, famine and oppression in Ireland, and the end of the Mexican War made 1848 a key year in American immigration history. Carl Schurz wild career began in this revolutionary year.

2. Carl Schurz: From German Radical to American Abolitionist– A teenaged revolutionary of 1848, Carl Schurz brought his passion for equality with him to America.

3. Immigrant Leader Carl Schurz Tells Lincoln to Stand Firm Against Slavery-Schurz was one of Lincoln’s last visitors before the president-elect left Springfield for Washington.

4. Carl Schurz Meets With Lincoln To Arm the Germans-After war broke out, Schurz played a crucial role in creating bilingual regiments in the Union army.

5. Why the Germans Fought for the Union?

6. Carl Schurz: To Win the Civil War End Slavery-Schurz served as a diplomat in Europe during the first year of the war. What he learned there convinced him that victory and ending slavery were inseparable.

7. Carl Schurz: From Civilian to General in One Day-A fateful day in June 1862.

8. Did Anti-German Bigotry Help Cause Second Bull Run Defeat?-The August 1862 battle tested Schurz’s military aptitude, and American tolerance.

9. Carl Schurz Blames Lincoln for Defeat – Carl Schurz Blames Lincoln for Republican Defeat in 1862 Elections.” Carl Schurz Blames Lincoln for Republican Defeat in 1862 Elections.

10. The “German” XI Corps on the Eve of Chancellorsville

11. The “Germans Run Away” at Chancellorsville

12.The New York Times, the Germans, and the Anatomy of a Scapegoat at Chancellorsville

13. The “German” XI Corps at Gettysburg July 1, 1863

14.Lincoln’s Germans and the Election of 1864

15. Lincoln’s Funeral in Immigrant New York

16. German General Carl Schurz Begins His Investigation of the Post-War South

17. Carl Schurz Warned That a “System of Terrorism” Was Taking Hold in the Post-War South in 1865

18.  A Scottish Socialist and a German General Work to Help Slaves Become Freedpeople-Robert Dale Owen, Carl Schurz and the founding of the Freedmen’s Bureau.

19. The 14th Amendment, the German Immigrant Carl Schurz, and the Assault on White Superiority
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