Asian American Youth Rally Long Islanders to Support Immigration Reform


Christina Chang is the advocacy and organizing associate at theMinKwon Center for Community Action.

With House Republicans dragging their feet on immigration reform, MinKwon youth members took to the streets of Long Island Wednesday evening to knock on the doors of constituents living in Congressman Peter King’s district to stir up support.

The high school-aged youth shared their family’s immigrant stories with Long Island residents and raised awareness on the urgent need for immigration reform. The ask was simple, to show their support for reform by signing a postcard and making a call to Congressman King. Close to 150 households were reached and many residents took the pledge to take action.


With the August recess just around the corner, constituents, especially those in Republican House districts, will play an increasingly important role in the movement for comprehensive immigration reform. Supporters are strongly encouraged to show up at town halls and other local events attended by their Representatives to voice the need to act now in reforming our broken immigration system, and provide a path to citizenship to 11 million aspiring Americans and reunite families that have waited decades in long backlogs.

Currently, anti-reform calls are overshadowing pro-reform calls. Help us change the tide NEXT TUESDAY by taking a minute to make a call to Congressman King at 1-877-848-8289.