Nearly One in Five Small Businesses Are Owned by Immigrants

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As part of our partnership with the Long Island Business News, we’ve posted multimedia stories about a range of immigrant professionals on Long Island, including a heart surgeon who was once undocumented and a Korean artist whose language struggles led him to express himself through oil and canvas.

In addition to working professionals, immigrants also represent 22 percent of small business owners on Long Island, adding to our tax base, creating jobs, and providing services.

Now, a new report by the Manhattan-based Fiscal Policy Institute shows that the trends on Long Island hold true for the whole country.

From the AP via Long Island Business News:

Immigrants in the United States represent a growing portion of America’s small business owners, with companies ranging from dry cleaners to technical consulting services.

That’s according to a report released Thursday by the Fiscal Policy Institute.

It’s based on an analysis of 2010 data from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey.

The report says 18 percent of small business owners in the US are immigrants.

That’s an increase from 1990, when immigrants made up 12 percent of small business owners.

The report said that immigrants were the owners of 37 percent of restaurant and other food service businesses.

They also owned 49 percent of grocery stores, 37 percent of nail salons and other personal care services, and 20 percent of computer systems design and related services.

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