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“Please GIVE to Long Island Wins for a Long Island that’s willing and able to make full use of the talents of everyone who chooses to call Long Island home, and embrace the cultural richness that a diverse Long Island offers.”

Facts matter. Words matter. Welcoming immigrants matter.

Help us sort the facts from fiction so you can form fact-based opinions on immigration that are real an honest. Help us develop messing so when talking about our immigrant neighbors, there is a narrative that is respectful and understandable. Help us welcome those who seek refuge from persecution and unimaginable violence from terrorism.

This year has brought us to a new height of anti-immigrant sentiment across our nation and most certainly here at home on Long Island. Myths and misinformation have been used repeatedly from elected officials, to political candidates, to the media, in an attempt to spread fear and hatred.

Since the beginning, Long Island Wins has been the region’s only 24/7 source for immigration news and information, analyzing policy, telling the stories of our immigrant neighbors and promoting commonsense immigration policy that works for all Long Islanders, immigrant and Long Island-born alike.

We communicate. We inform. We organize. We bring people together and advocate for change. Together, we can make that change!


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