We are a nonprofit communications organization that focuses on promoting practical immigration solutions that work for everyone, rooted in respect and dignity for all.

We communicate. We organize. We bring people together and advocate for change.

Through advocacy, education and hope, we welcome new Americans to Long Island and foster opportunity so that we can all reach our full potential as contributing partners in our community.

Our goal is to highlight the contributions of immigrants in our community, enhance public perception of immigrants, and build support for immigration initiatives that maximize immigrants’ contributions for the benefit of all Long Islanders. This includes support for comprehensive immigration reform – a bill that would make long overdue changes to an outdated immigration system. And it includes local solutions that mean a more welcoming Long Island. We know that immigration can work—if we have the right policies.

Immigrants come to Long Island from all over the world – Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America—to work hard and take care of their families. They are vital contributors to Long Island’s economy and cultural diversity.

We provide research and commentary, shape public engagement, and organize Long Islanders working towards a common goal. This website—especially our blog—is host to many of Long Island Wins’ activities. Here we provide local and national immigration news, and online organizing tools to help Long Islanders create change that will respect the rights of all.


Maryann Sinclair Slutsky
Executive Director

Jano Tantongco
Online Editor

Patrick Young, Esq.